She told my wife of our affair…

by Rod Smith

“I’ve been a husband for 18 years. I have been suffering from diagnosed clinical depression for two years. This has taken a huge toll on my family, putting me close to suicide several times. In an effort to find something to make me happy, I had a two-month affair. In a moment of sanity, I broke it off. Last week the ‘mistress’ sent my wife an email. Luckily, I came clean to my wife and she says she will not leave me. I know I destroyed the best person in my life. I also know that I am the one that did wrong and broke my vows. The ‘mistress’’ knew I was married, knew I had problems, and played on those problems to actually prolong the relationship. Then in the end, she crushed my wife. Why? Not to help my wife! I may be the most wrong person here, but the mistress knew what she was doing. She told my wife out of some twisted form of revenge.”

Assigning the greater blame on your former mistress is pointless. Now that your wife knows, you have a greater chance of building something beautiful from your domestic ruins. Depression’s no excuse for infidelity and infidelity will never result in enduring happiness.


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