Collection of “odd” things people have written to me…

by Rod Smith

1. My girlfriend’s flirting (with other men) landed me in jail.
2. He must have known I was hungry and yet he did not suggest we have lunch. Does this mean he doesn’t care?
3. She knows I don’t like how she eats and yet she does it anyway.
4. He thinks about other women although he knows it hurts me.
5. She says she loves me but I know she doesn’t mean it.
6. He never keeps strangers waiting but I have to wait for him all the time.
7. If I don’t pick up my clothes it puts her in a bad mood when she is right there and she can pick them up herself.
8. He knows I don’t like his mother but he visits her anyway.
9. She devotes all her time to the children and there is nothing left for me.
10. He is the kind of man who needs to keep close contact with all his old girlfriends.

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