Help make someone’s day:

by Rod Smith

1. Invite your family to a meeting and thank each person for their love.
2. Leave your mobile phone at home and spend a full day with your children (or grandchildren).


3. Consult with the librarian of your old school and buy the library a dozen books.
4. Leave a box of groceries for a family whom you know is in need.
5. Tip waiters three times your normal tip.
6. Take a street person to lunch.
7. Make house calls on people who have enriched your life and express your gratitude.
8. While remaining anonymous, pay for a stranger’s meal in a restaurant.


9. Help others succeed.
10. Don’t screen your phone calls.
11. Make positive referrals if you have a good business experience. Report negative business experiences only to those empowered to make changes.
12. If you occupy a position of authority (business owner, school principal, government official) make random phone calls to people who’d least expect to hear from you. People in “power” positions can make someone’s day by being friendly and “normal.”

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