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April 1, 2007

In-laws interfere with discipline of son (13)……

by Rod Smith

Last week my in-laws were visiting us and expressed disapproval about how my husband was handling our thirteen-year-old son. They did not take the time to hear the full story behind out mutual decision to discontinue our son’s enjoyment of some privileges. My husband felt very down and he has brought it up several times in the week. Should I talk to his mother about this? We are very close. It was so unusual for his parents to interfere and take sides. It made my husband look like we were much more strict than we really are and my son now feels he’s got his grandparents on his side. My husband did not cave into the pressure he felt. Please comment. (Letter edited)

Rod’s response: I’d suggest you let this event pass without further reference. If anyone wants to bring it up suggest your husband do it face-to-face, and alone, with his parents. By your own admission, this was out of character for your in-laws. It seems your son might have the sense of having his grandparents on his side (which is hardly a bad idea) while still being firmly aware that it is his parents who hold the final say on the important matters pertaining to his life.