Young love – when your young teenager falls in love…

by Rod Smith

When your child (13 to 15) becomes involved in his/her first romantic attachment, with a person of similar age, please remember:

1. The experience is authentic for your child, and, while you might consider it “puppy love” the relationship ought to be given due respect.
2. If you trivialize his or her experience by your words or your deeds (make jokes about it) your child will probably go into hiding about what he or she is experiencing. This will put you “out of the loop” completely.
3. Embrace your child’s romantic interests, and be willing to talk about them to the degree to which your child seems willing to talk.
4. It is quite common for a child to become very focused on the whereabouts and activities of the person of his or her romantic interest. If you allow no contact (by phone or Email) you are likely to drive the relationship underground, and therefore be teaching your child to conduct a most important part of his or her life in secret.

Evaluate your resistance to your son or daughter falling in love:

What is it that you fear?

Are your fears related to your own experience as a younger person?

Is your response reasonable or loaded with your own unresolved baggage?

2 Comments to “Young love – when your young teenager falls in love…”

  1. Excellent advice. The other key is that as a parent, you have to be able to let go a little and trust that all of the work you have done up to this point in raising your child will help him/her make the right decisions.

  2. u have a great deffinition of what parents need to know when their child is in love. it is very true and its hard for the child to get through things with out being able to tell your parents

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