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August 5, 2015

Relating to high-functioning people has its benefits…..

by Rod Smith

Regular relating to high-functioning people (intimate of casual):

  • Will give you the lasting impression that life is an exciting adventure, filled with wonderful, endless possibilities.
  • Will give you the impression that questions are more important than answers and that ambiguity is an ally and not a foe.
  • Will leave you feeling empowered and encouraged and that if you apply yourself you can do about anything you can dream or doing and go anywhere on the planet that you’d like.
  • Will leave you with the desire to read and discover more about areas of interest you did not even perhaps know you have.
  • Will inspire you to become engaged in your own life at least as deeply as they are engaged in their lives.
  • Will engage you in skillful humor that has no victims.
January 29, 2009

Seven words, a mini refresher course on getting very well:

by Rod Smith

1. Size – power, influence, authority. Be your size. Occupy your role, fill your own shoes and take your place in the world. Let your voice be heard.
2. Humility – the willingness to learn, to change, and be taught. Discover and use your talents. This is humility.
3. Emotional process – the hidden exchange between and among people. People who are “moving toward” you will hear you. Persons who are “moving away” from you will not hear you no matter how skilled a communicator you are.
4. Space – proximity, both physical and emotional. Keep the emotional space around you clear by pursuing an honest life.
5. “Toxic” space – attitudes, actions, resentments, memories that sully or distort the physical or emotional space between and among people. It is hard to “see” yourself and others, if, through unresolved issues or jealousies, you have shattered your interpersonal lens.
6. Challenge – taking on something new, growing up, facing a hurdle with desire to accomplish one or several goals. Challenge trumps empathy, it is more important to grow than it is to be understood. Both are preferable.
7. Adventure – taking necessary risks, avoiding the safe options, shifting life into new forms of growth. Adventure and growth cannot be controlled or simulated.

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December 12, 2007

Brief notes to improve your relational environment:

by Rod Smith
  1. Deliver your own news – good or bad. Don’t use others as carrier pigeons.
  2. Try not to keep people waiting. While it is sometimes unavoidable, effort on your part to be punctual will speak volumes about you.
  3. Find a way to remember people’s names. You’ll be surprised how much it will do for you.
  4. Spend less than you earn, and save some money every month. Nothing kills enduring happiness as efficiently as debt.
  5. Get out of the middle of other people’s relationships. Avoid being triangled. Remember Piggy in the Middle is not much fun for Piggy.
  6. Tell the truth as kindly and as efficiently as possible.
  7. Do something dangerous or scary every day.
  8. Say yes more than you say no.
  9. Write. There’s a novel within you awaiting an escape.
  10. Read.
  11. Err on the side of trusting too much than on the side of trusting too little.
  12. Say please and thank you as often as possible.