My challenges….. what are yours?

by Rod Smith

My personal challenges offered to me by me…..and, I’d love to read yours to you:

  • Resist the urge to know, teach, correct, and walk into circumstances you think familiar but perhaps are not. Your belief that someone or something or some circumstance is familiar is the very belief that renders you at least an arm’s length (maybe much more) from learning anything new or loving in helpful ways.
  • Welcome the inevitable necessity of death preceding new life as in “a seed must die before it can produce fruit” and therefore cast off familiar labels and that which demands connection to the life you wish to leave and therefore holds you back from the life you desire to embrace. 
  • Trust in new ways while resisting the urge to trust in old ways which proved unworthy. It’s ok to question motive, your own and the motives of others. It’s ok to withhold hospitality and generosity as you conduct possible due diligence. Trust is not diluted because it takes time.
  • Declare with gentleness ways in which you want to be loved without apology. Love demands nothing of another but gentle declarations of what’s wanted and needed can assist love to flourish.
Leaving Sicily for Germany

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