Which self will show up?

by Rod Smith

Which self within you will reign this hour, during this encounter, or this day?

• Anxious self: anxiety messes with hearing, seeing, assessing and is reactionary and so unhelpful decisions are usually made. The anxious self needs time to settle, take stock, reassess.

• Angry self: anger driven decisions usually have in-built vengeance or hurt as part of any process. Anger driven moments lead to damage and usually remorse. 

• Victim self: the victim defends and protects and decisions are hardly decisions at all but drawn out processes cloaked in “poor me” non-thinking. This may lead to short-lived unhelpful sympathy from others.

• Arrogant self: arrogance blinds and deafens, makes the needs and cares of others hard to see let alone acknowledge and respect. Arrogance pushes others out of the way. 

• Indifferent self: indifference is neutral blindness toward others. It inures, it separates the indifferent from others and from him or herself.

• Flippant self: the flippant flaunts though times others find tough as if everything is a joke and of no consequence. Flippancy is pseudo protection and denial with little more to offer than brief moments where the joke feels real. 

• Sane self:  the sane self stops and thinks, weighs pros and cons, takes time for deliberate thought regarding how decisions and behaviors impact self and others. The sane self looks ahead. 

Seek your sane self and “live” from there! 

It’s the place to be

One Comment to “Which self will show up?”

  1. Thought provoking

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