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March 30, 2023

22 years….

by Rod Smith

This week this column has been on newsstands every weekday for 22 years in one of South Africa’s morning newspapers, The Mercury. The Mercury is sold in KwaZulu-Natal and is one of the oldest newspapers in the country. 

It has been my privilege to build a faithful readership over the years. 

I’m proud to know I write for the newspaper that was my first “real reading” as a child. 

As a child I recall being fascinated that “The Idler” (backpage humorist) was able to write EVERY DAY.

Little did I know it would be my joy to be published daily for over two decades (so far).

March 30, 2023

Be the adult you want your children to be

by Rod Smith

Today, and every day, try to be the adult you hope your children will become. How else will they learn what it means to be an adult? Who else will teach them?

Try to stop blaming the teachers, coaches, or the school for your child’s every challenge, difficulty, or hurdle. Blame restricts maturing, yours and theirs.

Try to stop blaming the government, the economy, or prejudice for every distress or dilemma you face, unless you think blame will be a good tool for your child to take into adulthood. If you want your children to be adults who take responsibility for their lives then show them how it’s done. Your children won’t forget your temper tantrums no matter how young they may be; and they will probably emulate them.

Demonstrate, by your own display of excellent manners, the manner in which you hope your child will navigate life and relationships. It is true, they are going to watch and learn from multiple sources, but you are their primary resource when it comes to how they will respect and treat others. Little eyes are watching.

Respect, visit, and be kind to the elderly so they know exactly how to do it when it’s your turn.

Dismiss no one; look down on no one. Young eyes and ears are absorbing how to be in the world, and we, we parents, are the primary teachers.