Yes, No, Let me think..

by Rod Smith

“Yes” is a powerful word if it comes from the power center of your life, which, of course, not every “yes” does. 

If your “yes”  comes from the power others have over you – by your complicity or their seductive complexity into which you may have surrendered, your “yes” may land you in hot water. 

Let your “yes” to opportunities come from the unique you, a person who is  not pushed or pulled to please or appease but speaks from a solid sense of who you are and what you want and who also tabulates your history of good and not too wise choices into your deeply considered “yes.”

“No” is a powerful choice, a definer of limits and setter of boundaries, but it too can emanate from fear of displeasing others or fear of imagined dangers from sources known or unknown.

“No” is a door closer and often on doors best left shut while “no” can also block possibilities of life-giving and new adventures. 

“Let me think about it” is also a powerful response to the invitations life offers. It gives space and time to weigh variables and assess assets and revisit goals. 

“Yes” or “no” or “let me think about it” are all gateways to greater emotional health when they come from your solid, healthy self.


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