High school graduate

by Rod Smith

Congratulations Graduate: Your high school career soon ends. Brace yourself. A new dimension of your education will soon begin. Thank parents, teachers, coaches, especially those who taught you when you were very young since you didn’t get to your cap-and-gown ceremony alone. Your parents are perfectly designed to help shape you so stay with whatever they are trying to teach you. Then, learn about Money. Think of Money as a Being (thus the capital). You can work for Money, or, Money will work for you. Choose. If you let Money know you are in charge you’ll get Money’s respect and it will begin to cooperate. You gain its respect by saving one-third of every dollar you earn. Here’s a rough guide: ⅓ gets saved, ⅓ goes to accomodation, ⅓ goes to everything else. You don’t have to choose the “right” university, apprenticeship, or job. You’ll never get everything right. But, be sincere. Time is not wasted when you are sincere. Before you take “road less traveled” you may, for a while, have to take the road most traveled. “Too much too soon” in any area of your life will almost always hurt and haunt you.

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