Prayer upon rising

by Rod Smith
  1. May I be a source of healing and not a source of hurt and injury.
  2. May I value people more than I value things.
  3. May I apologize sincerely and efficiently when I wrong others.
  4. May I be immovable about matters of integrity, and flexible, understanding when others do not do what is right and good.
  5. May I learn to switch off or ignore my phone when I am face-to-face with others.
  6. May I listen more than I speak.
  7. May I be generous.
  8. May I learn to hold my tongue when tempted to gossip.
  9. My I learn to promote others and their strengths, even if it means stepping aside so others may get ahead.
  10. May I learn to live in the present and design a great future, rather than dwell upon the way things were and could have been.

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