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May 31, 2021

Learn about money and how it works

by Rod Smith

You will hear “money can’t buy happiness” and other tired clichés. It’s usually from people who have neither money nor happiness. I am not suggesting money makes people happy but it is a lot nicer to be rich if you are set on being unhappy. Money won’t make an unhappy person happy, but poverty sure doesn’t help anyone feel better.

Happy people are happy, rich or poor. There’s not enough money on Earth to make unhappy people happy. Happiness is not about the money.

Become an expert in how money works. If you are good with money you could put into motion something so powerful that people generations from now could benefit.

Look around your city and see how many buildings are named after people. These people were (usually) good with money. 

Or, you could be ruled by money, spend the rest of your life paying off credit cards and make people you will never know even richer.

They will go on lavish vacations on the interest you are paying and buy holiday homes at your expense. Happy about that?