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May 18, 2021

Your therapist may (warning label):

by Rod Smith
  • expose you to several new perspectives and the experience may lead to significant change.
  • have sufficient guts to show you your victim thinking and behaving.
  • strip you of God-talk and handy clichés to the point where you meet yourself and encounter the divine.
  • show you your position in your network of family and friends and how you may be resisting your legitimate place in that network.
  • ignore your focus on weaknesses and help you capitalize upon your strengths.
  • insist you create new orbits to escape your entrenched ways.
  • help you stop the endless task of trying to make unhappy people happy.
  • stir your inner-lion until you see the fruitlessness of accommodating poor treatment from anyone.
  • expose you to the joy of being out of control while keeping the rules.
  • show you it’s possible to have a brighter future than your past if you embrace the courage to plan and implement what you really want.