Nine very simple truths

by Rod Smith

The Mercury / Monday

May these be your first thoughts every morning and may they infiltrate your every move and relationship:

I am….

• To be respected and treasured and able to respect and treasure all other people.

• Capable of expressing my opinions and will do so with growing and greater confidence.

• Uniquely gifted and my gifts are useful to my immediate and broader community.

• As unique as the proverbial snowflake and yet part of the human family, tainted with its vulnerabilities, failures, and frailties.

• Capable of forgiving the worst of offenses I have endured, and capable of seeking forgiveness for the worst offenses I have committed.

• Able to encourage the discouraged and offer hope to the hopeless.

• Unafraid of the talents of others and able and willing to help others find their greatness.

• Capable of becoming the most generous person I know.

• My own best friend so that I may be a friend to others.

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