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April 14, 2019

What kind of person do you want to be?

by Rod Smith

While there are so many factors over which none of has control, it is usually a good idea to have somewhat of a plan, a vision, of who you want to be.

Perhaps you want to be:

  • An honest person, one who is able then to live with a clear conscience
  • A growing person, one who learns from mistakes and does all that it possible to not repeat them
  • A kind person, one who is at least aware of the needs of others and who tries to see the world from the perspective of others
  • A loving person, one who loves without being possessive or jealous
  • An educated person, one who is aware of the world and its fabulous beauty
  • A forgiving person, one who initiates forgiveness even when it is not necessarily deserved
  • An outgoing person, one for whom no one needs to remain a stranger
  • A self-starting person, one who seizes opportunities, especially those that enhance the common good
  • A reflective person, one who examines his of her life and makes necessary changes for the betterment of all
  • A well-mannered person, one who knows how to treat others, even, and especially those who can do nothing in return.