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April 4, 2019

Pocket prompts for family conversations……

by Rod Smith

What would like me to do more or do less? What have I not done so well today as far as you know? Is there anything you would like to tell me about your day or is there anything you would like to know about mine? Is there anything about my life you would like to know? What is the hardest or toughest question you would like to ask me? There are some things I know I did not do well today. Would you like to know about them? Was there anyone you really wanted to thank today but didn’t? I want you to know it is really important to me when you express appreciation for the things I do for you and for our family. Tell me about a time you were really proud of yourself. When do things seem really unfair to you? What do you see other families do that you wish we could or would do?

My sons usually avoid “deep” talk but it does occasionally occur – which is why I keep these prompts in the back of my head in the event of an unexpected vulnerable moment – and they do, but not as often as I’d like!