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April 18, 2019

Two letters today made me blush……!

by Rod Smith

“I  have read and kept your newspaper articles on Mercury and coincidentally they are always words I need at a particular moment. With all due respect, Sir, what are the chances of obtaining the articles you have written in the past? I can organise a memory stick and save them. Have you ever thought about compiling them in a form of a book? I what I like they are sweet and short but the quality of information is rich and informative. The article titled, “Ditch Self Lies” made me inspect myself deeply and it yielded positive results.”

“Please can you tell me what line of work you do. Your advice is so helpful and to the point in some editorials. It would be nice if someone could be an advocate for single moms in South Africa.”

Most of my columns are available at You may fill as many memory sticks as desired. I do not have a book; daily columns are my first love. I am a Family Therapist with particular interest in Family Systems theory. I am the pastor of a Presbyterian Church in a smallish town in the Midwest of the USA – but, and this is very important to me, I was born at Mothers, overlooking Greyville Racecourse.