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April 16, 2019

Prayer for the cities

by Rod Smith

The Mercury / Friday

Whatever your faith persuasion or the decision to have none, you may or may not agree that it is time to pray for the residents, legal or illegal, of the cities across this land. Please pray, even if it is to a God in Whom you do not believe!

Oh God, our differences in faith and differences in our approach to you, divide those whom they ought to unite and incite those whom they ought to calm.

May this not be true for me.

Help us to love, embrace, and understand authentic humility. Help us to honor mercy and to seek justice even if it personally inconvenient and costly. Help us to live lives of love and truth and to seek the greater good of the community. Help us to place aside the desire for revenge and to seek rather the growth that comes with hospitality, acceptance, and forgiveness.

Help me to understand that peace begins with me, that hospitality and kindness and generosity begin with me.

May violence end. May leaders, official and unofficial, learn to embrace love and justice rather than be or become intoxicated by their limited powers.