Give your boss a gift

by Rod Smith

A gift for the boss

• Offer loyalty, not blind or unquestioning loyalty, but in accordance with your mutually understood employer/employee agreements. Do not speak poorly of your boss within the organization or to outsiders. If you are unhappy with his or her performance talk directly to the boss or to those empowered to act on your behalf. Such talk ought not be with peers – when you do this you are a source of toxicity in the organization and are part of the problem, whatever it (the problem) is.

• Offer trust, not blind or unquestioning trust. If an employee cannot trust a boss, something deeper needs to be (efficiently) addressed.

• Focus on your work during work hours. It’s not time for you to catch up on Face Book or to be glued to your phone. It’s not time to plan your child’s birthday party. Advance only the purposes for which you have been hired.

• An eye for how to improve the organization and the gift (tact, nuance) of when, how, and with whom to express such observations. Much at work may not make sense but an employee must earn the platform to point them out before he or she becomes a self-appointed troubleshooter.

• Offer honesty. Be brutally honest about finances, expense reports, vehicle usage, and reimbursements. NEVER take a cent that is not legitimately yours no matter who else may be doing so. You alone are always responsible for your honesty.

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