In a more perfect world……

by Rod Smith

In a more perfect world lovers and spouses would express these sentiments to each other in both word and deed…..

  • I have zero need or impulse to check your phone, email, computer history, bank statements, diary, or your whereabouts. Your privacy, even with me, is as important to me as it is to you.
  • I understand we both require room to move both toward and away from each other. This means there are times when one-on-one time is necessary and will take priority. I also understand that time apart is as important. When you express the need for time apart I will be neither offended or hurt and expect the same from you.
  • I will never intentionally talk down or talk aggressively to you in private or public. If you ever think I am doing so tell me immediately so I may learn from you and better understand your experience of who I am and how I communicate.
  • I do not expect we will always agree but I do know we can handle our differences with kindness and patience.
  • I will always support and help you to spend as much time with your extended family as you want.
  • I will never drink and drive or allow any of my habits to result in you or anyone we love being unsafe in any way.

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