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March 25, 2019

Dangerous men…….

by Rod Smith

The Mercury / Wednesday

Dangerous men

Please don’t use this column to pigeonhole anyone. My hope is the man who recognizes himself will self-evaluate and seek necessary help – I know, I know, it’s asking a lot. But, there is hope, and there is help available.

The dangerous man:

1. Has an inordinate drive to impose his will upon others (very often in a religious context) and seethes “inside” if others resist.

2. Is a puppeteer, who understands love as being a good one – thus there’s no equality, reciprocity, or respect – he’s ALWAYS in charge.

3. Sees most other people as stupid, men and women who’d be better off if they listened or obeyed him.

4. He’s black and white – you are FOR him, or AGAINST him. That’s it!

5. He’s difficult to pin down about his ways or to engage in deep human connection because he handles truth and people like a seasoned juggler.

6. He is often very charming, charismatic, and, (usually unwittingly) employs his defensive arsenal to enhance or defend his image.

7. He is fiercely competitive, even about humility, and can out-humble others and therefore appear above question.

8. Harbors volcanic rage just beneath his smooth, shiny exterior. Very, very few people, usually a wife and children, and those who have a vested interest in allowing it to scare them silent, are witness to, and victims of, this rage.

(Kindly “share” – you may help save a woman or a child who are aching for someone to understand what they have to silently endure.)

March 25, 2019

Beautiful / Brutal – it’s both

by Rod Smith

The Mercury / Friday

I’ve long observed that life is simultaneously beautiful and brutal.

Of course there are seasons when each can be amplified.

The two hold hands and are dancing around our lives and our families like unlikely lovers.

The family you see wandering the mall hand-in-hand (beautiful) – you are aware their beloved, vivacious grandmother has cancer (brutal).

That couple you saw eating dinner and watched them laughing and talking and looking into each other’s eyes and appear to be the perfect couple (beautiful): what you don’t know is that each is married to someone else and neither party yet knows it (brutal). The connection you witness is beautiful, yes, but the brutality awaits its cue.

My own sons are a perfect expression of my theory: they are beautiful boys, both highly functional in so many ways.

It’s unlikely either will ever know his mother.

There’s much that’s very beautiful about our lives together and I am dizzily grateful, but the brutal element is always there and it won’t go away.

I am not too sure I want it to.

To think it is beauty alone is denial – we share a fallen world.

Brutality without beauty is hopelessness.

We need both and the truth is, we have no real choice in the matter.