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March 19, 2019

Healthy people

by Rod Smith

All emotional health is on a continuum, some days will be better than other days.

Here’s a quick self-reflection so you can see how you are doing today.

Healthy people:

  • Achieve their goals and keep strong relationships.
  • Know when “I” is “I” and “we” is “we” and the difference between the two.
  • Live in their own “space” and “skin” without being space invaders.
  • Maintain their individuality and embrace others at the same time.
  • Avoid siding with people even if it appears helpful.
  • Resist telling others what they need, think, feel or should do.
  • Usually say “I” rather than “you” or “we.”
  • Appreciate differences in people, seeing no person as “all good” or “all bad.”
  • Recognize emotional bullying (all kinds of bullying) and refuse to participate in it.
  • Hold onto beliefs without being rigid or defensive.
  • Can be clear-headed under pressure.
  • Cope in difficult situations without falling apart.
  • Know how much they need others and how much others need them.
  • Keep their voices under pressure without confusing thinking and feeling.
  • Spend very little time or energy trying to win the approval of others.
  • Resist playing games in order to feel loved or powerful.
  • Have learned that the voice of  “they” or “them” is better ignored if “they” or “them” are unidentified.