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March 6, 2019

Conflict, anyone?

by Rod Smith

If you’re in conflict with anyone over anything please start here before you spread the information, seethe, engage or lawyer, or are tempted to hurt yourself or others:

  • What’s my role, how come I’m in this situation?
  • Where, or how was I unclear, where did I make assumptions, what did I say or not say, or hear or not hear, that got me here?
  • Have I said “yes” when I meant “no” or “no” when I meant “yes”.
  • Who was I trying to impress that I compromised my character during this process?
  • Have I told the truth as I see it in every step of the  journey?
  • Did I mishear, misinterpret, anything, because it suited me and my agenda at the time?
  • Is there anything for which I need to apologize, write a cheque, or uncover some of my prideful ways and replace it with appropriate humility?
  • What do I now know that I did not then know, and was this “gap” an honest oversight or does it reflect a lack of due diligence on my part?
  • What do I need to do so even my adversary may emerge with dignity? What essential lessons have I learned so I may do better in the future?