Essential decisions for parents

by Rod Smith

By grace and grace alone:

  • No matter what the circumstances, I am equipped to handle the responsibility, challenges, and  the joy that comes with parenting. I am enough for my child.
  • My child is loaded with potential and sufficiently equipped for a full and meaningful life. I will respect my child’s freedom to explore his or her uniqueness and the giftedness that comes to each one of us with our humanity.
  • My life is as important as my child’s life, even though if it were necessary, I’d be willing to sacrifice everything for his or her well being. Unnecessarily sacrificing myself for my child’s sake is a cop-out and serves no one, especially not my child.  
  • Many people have overcome huge obstacles in the search of meaning and success and there’s no reason my child should not do the same. If, in my heart of hearts, I consider my child incapable of securing success, it is I, and not my child, who has to change.  
  • The earlier I allow trusted extended family, teachers, coaches, and life to do their respective parts in shaping my child, the better things will be for both for my child and for me.
  • The sooner my child understands that he or she really is “the architect” of his or her future, the better off we all will be.  

3 Comments to “Essential decisions for parents”

  1. Wow, so thankful to have come across your website and blog. I really needed to hear points 1, 3 and 5 today. I’ve just recently come to realize my desperate need to be a differentiated person, and look forward to reading more from your archives! Praise God for you and your words!

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