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February 13, 2019

A little help for Valentines?

by Rod Smith
Cut and paste, all or part, for your Valentine card or Valentine conversation. Perhaps you can also make it a little more romantic….
Loving you means:
  1. I will never do anything to cut you off from your family, friends, or from anyone else whom you may love. Your freedom is important to me.
  2. I will take care of myself (my body, mind, emotions) so that I am better able to enjoy and appreciate myself, and therefore also better and to enjoy and love you. Our wellness is important to both of us.
  3. I will resist all attempts, subtle and gross, to control you. I know that love and control cannot coexist. Your God-given human independence is as vital to your happiness as it is to mine.
  4. I will encourage you to stay out of control in all of your relationships, be it with your parents, boss, or best friends. The ability to occupy the driver’s seat of your life is crucial to your mental health and to the health of our relationship.
  5. I will support you in all endeavors to get further education (formal and informal) and I will also chase all such possibilities for myself.  None of us is ever “too educated” and there is always time and room for more.