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February 21, 2019

Enjoying your humanity

by Rod Smith

Here are just a few of many reasons for us to fully enjoy our humanity:

  • We have second, third, fifth, and seventh (and often many more) chances at almost everything. We can start over, try again, we can embrace opportunities in order to succeed where we have formerly failed.
  • We have the capacity to identify beauty everywhere. No matter where we are, and no matter who we are with, there is beauty. It’s in people, all people, and in surroundings, all surroundings. It’s in the eye and the heart of the beholder and available for the person who is open to seeing and enjoying it.  
  • We have the capacity to plan, dream, and imagine, and therefore we have the power to shift trends and move things into a place that is better than what we may have known in the past and be experiencing in the present. While it may be limited, we have power over our own lives.
  • We have the capacity to give and to receive love, support, forgiveness, and to extend kindness to others even when it appears undeserved.
  • We have the capacity to experience and express gratitude and therefore be agents of grace both to ourselves and to those around us.