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February 27, 2019

Rhino days…..

by Rod Smith

Some days a person needs double courage.

You have to face a tough audience or speak up at a difficult meeting, or address an inconsistency you see within your sphere of influence. Perhaps you have to deliver a tough message to a trusted employee or get yourself out of an intimate, complex, but uncomfortable circumstance.

These are what I call “rhino-courage days” and on such days I wear one of my several rhino ties.

If things are really challenging – on “double-courage-rhino-days” – and, to the amusement of some, I will even carry a little plush toy rhino in my pocket.

A friend calls them “paint-your-chest-blue days” with obvious allusion to the movie Braveheart. There have been times she would literally paint her chest blue before engaging in some struggles and it made her unstoppable.   

Steeling myself with playful rituals helps me engage my creative brain. It helps me to remember that I will not return evil for evil, that it is more important to be loving, kind, and assertive than it is to bully my way and be right. My playful rituals help me see the “big picture”, the larger war, rather than the nearest battle.

What do you do?

Please, let me know.