Breaking up is hard to do…….

by Rod Smith

I have had a ringside seat on romance lately. I recently hand-delivered a Valentine card for a man in his nineties to his Valentine in the care facility where they live and I watched my son (16) shop for 2 hours for the right card and right gift and finally spend all of $12.00. In past years when I worked in a private school I watched children write sweet cards to their classmates.

It’s the break ups I’d like to weigh in on.

The same sweet children could be rather brutal when it came to moving on and we all have at least a few horrendous stories of lousy adult breakups. If you are 11 or 19, 85 or 100 and no longer want to be dating:

  • If you have to break up do it face-to-face and not via text or a third party.
  • Say something and don’t just disappear.
  • Don’t blame the other party or point fingers.
  • Take responsibility for the reasons you want the break up and leave it at that.
  • During the face-to-face showdown try to recall at least one good memory you will treasure.
  • Be kind – it really is possible to end things well.
  • Remember that how you break up or terminate any relationship is a window into your character – keep it clean.

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