The heathy student

by Rod Smith

The Mercury / Tuesday

The Healthy Student

• Doesn’t appear to be hiding from adults or peers – he or she is somewhat of an “open book” with a focus on the somewhat

• Shares openly with others but not necessarily easily with parents – the journey toward interdependence will often seem to exclude parents for brief periods

• Seeks out the company of others – he or she is a vibrant part of a community of peers

• Is readily included in social invitations but is not derailed if not – he or she does not over-personalize omissions or being apparently overlooked

• Is not overly sensitive but is rich in empathy – he or she is more caring for others than seeks the care of others

• Learns to be organized and sees its benefits – he or she has seen that life and its demands get more complex and requires more planning than at younger ages

• Is wide awake and ready to engage life at some time of each day – and it is not necessarily in the morning

• Has a few really close friends but is comfortable being alone – when he or she is alone the time is not spent feeling left out or excluded.

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