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March 8, 2017

Next time you fall in love

by Rod Smith

1. His or her solvency (credit score) is more important than if he sends you flowers or she showers you with gifts and compliments.
2. The state of his or her relationship with his or her parents is more important than how he or she dresses or what he or she drives.
3. How he or she treats and respects a former spouse (and children) will tell you exactly how he or she will one day treat you.
4. How he or she handles truth and matters of integrity are unlikely to change. If he or she is lying around you he or she will also lie to you.
5. How he or she behaves in heavy traffic, in a restaurant with poor service, how he or she handles credit, alcohol, and illegal substances, are windows that give glimpses into the “real” person.

March 5, 2017

If you want to love your life more and more…..

by Rod Smith

If you want to love your life a little more than you do already there are a few simple, but not easy steps to focus upon:

  • Move yourself more and more out of debt every day until it is gone. While money cannot buy happiness debt can certainly ruin any possibility of it. Daily success will be incrementally empowering and you will love of your life will steadily increase. The things you buy on credit to make yourself feel better offer temporary happiness. Having to pay for these things can keep you up at night.
  • Employ whatever ritual works but get yourself into the driver’s seat of your own life. Assume full responsibility for yourself and embrace the consequences for your good and poor decisions of the past. You are an artist and you are creating a beautiful life. Do so with joy and determination.
  • Speak up more and more about things you formerly have just accepted or where you may formerly have just gone with the flow. It’s acceptable to have an opinion and a voice. There’s sufficient room for us all.
  • Every day we are called to live fully, to determine our own path, and to contribute to the greatness of others. Assume these responsibilities and your happiness quotient will skyrocket.
March 4, 2017

Do you love your life?

by Rod Smith

The Mercury / Monday (3-6-2017)

Do you love your life – or at least most of it?

I hope so. It must be terrible to wake up every day having to face a job you resist in order to provide for people who find you difficult and in whom you may find repeated displeasure. I feel ill thinking of it. It gives me a heavy feeling that I would hate to have to haul around all and every day.

Perhaps you have no job and that may be the source of at least some of your displeasure.

Perhaps you have no family or zero support from family you do have.

I am very aware of how much family and friends form the scaffolding of my life, making so much difference to me when things are tough.

No matter what your circumstance – and I declare this as loudly and forcefully to myself as I do to you: you are what you’ve got. You are your most powerful asset, and, you’d better make the most of it.

Someone wiser than I – and I’d give full credit if I knew the source – said, “we see the world, not as it is, but as we are.”

I’d suggest we also love others, not as they are, but as we are.

Peace. Have a fabulous, loving, and aware week.

March 4, 2017

Prayer for our children

by Rod Smith

May you become fully human knowing that the natural human urge toward being inhuman helps no one.

May you live fully and completely given that most people don’t.

May you have and and enjoy all the beauty life offers with minimal experience of life’s unavoidable brutality.

May you be rich enough eat and be warm and have time to relax and think every day and be able to give away something to others everyday.

May you be poor enough to have to work and discover the holiness and the beauty of hard work.

May you love and be loved and therefore find your place and significance in a community.

May you learn the fine art of give and take and that your giving would far exceed your taking.

May you understand that anger, resentment, failure to forgive, are uniquely individual pursuits.

May you understand that blaming others for anything never helped anyone to become something worth becoming.

March 2, 2017

My heart goes out to the….

by Rod Smith
  • My heart goes out to children who live in unsettled houses. Houses where the abuse of alcohol or drugs dominates everything. Houses where rage rips people apart.
  • My heart goes out to children whose parents were once together and now are apart. Although the child may have received loving messages about how they are loved despite what mother and father do it still makes no sense to the child.
  • My heart goes out to children who are fighting a deadly disease and to the siblings who are fighting it with them. The necessary lack of certainty bolstered with statements of faith, all within the same adult sentence, can be confusing. It’s at least as confusing for the child as it is for the adult trying to comfort them.
  • My heart goes out to children whose boundaries are ignored and violated and whose voices are ignored or silenced. Such children might as well be invisible to those commissioned to love and protect them.
  • My heart goes out to the child who must assume a defensive stance because of race, gender, or language.
  • My heart goes out to children who are hungry in a nation of plenty, those born outside the dominant culture, those whose troubles are the fruit of a troubled nation.