Inordinate love of families…..

by Rod Smith

I have an inordinate love for families no matter how complex. After many years of listening, watching, and connecting the variables, I see several enduring truths:

  • Faith, language, culture, country, and levels of wealth or poverty don’t make too much difference to the ways in which people connect, disconnect, love or hurt each other.
  • Jealousy is jealousy, selfishness is selfishness, if you are rich or poor and no matter what your mother tongue or what continent is home.
  • Unwanted themes in families will repeat despite the best, most loving efforts of those who’d wish they wouldn’t.
  • Change is possible but securing it is easier said than done.
  • A problem that is ignored will not disappear. It will go into hiding and while it is in hiding it will brew into something more toxic shape and more pernicious than it was when it was first denied.
  • The keys of change for a troubled family are in the hands of the member (or members) who is willing to risk and lose all in the name of individual health and wellness. This person will be determined to remain connected to his or her family while they at one and the same time refusing to be sabotaged by its difficulties.

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