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December 17, 2016

How I know clients (10 ways) are growing and getting well(er)…..

by Rod Smith

Ten ways I can tell clients are becoming stronger, healthier – some of the following begins to occur:

  1. They get spunky; they question authority, play with the rules, and break (benign) codes of behavior.
  2. They ignore the negative comments from others, comments that would formerly have impacted them.
  3. They (increasingly) reject the role of a victim – even if they have been one.
  4. They (begin to) see the bigger picture of their lives and they begin to strategize for what they really want.
  5. They (begin to) pay the price of wholeness – this means forgiving others, making things right wherever possible, and being clear where the lack of clarity lead to problems in the past.
  6. They (begin to) initiate their own fun instead of waiting for it to come to them.
  7. They grow in the ability to take full responsibility for their lives and blame no one anywhere for anything.
  8. They are aware of “sideways” frustration and anger and therefore careful not to visit unresolved issues on the “wrong” people – like taking out work frustrations on people at home.
  9. They (begin to) serve others in ways they’d never before though possible.
  10. When facing choices they take the choices with the most risk and ambiguity.