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December 1, 2016

Friday solace

by Rod Smith

As you reflect on your life and on your family you may find some solace in the following….

  • No one is healthy and highly functional all of the time. It’s a sign of health to recognize when you are not doing well and you allow yourself a little room to mend.
  • Most people have a tough time learning from their mistakes and sometimes it takes a few similar errors and a lot of pain and sometimes expense before we get the message and resist making the same mistakes again and again.
  • The healthiest people and families are low functioning in some ways and at some times; the lowest functioning people and families a highly functioning in some ways and at some times.
  • Grief is a gift even if it not one you sought after. Some wounds and some pains will never heal or go away. The notion that “time heals” is not always true at all. It really is only sometimes true.
  • Things like excessive debt, unresolved conflict, harbored failure to forgive, and avoiding people you love can weigh on you more than you realize. These are energy and enthusiasm drainers that can lead to poor health, unwise choices, and further into the “hole” we need to escape.