Planning for 2017

by Rod Smith

As 2017 looms I want to thank you for your very faithful readership throughout the years. This column was published and was on newsstands for the first time in March 2001 –  I think it was the 21st. And, it’s been going daily ever since. I repeat (having said it in many previous columns): when I write to you I am also writing to myself. I love my life – but it is far from perfect. The challenges I offer as you plan 2017 (yes, PLAN it) I also embrace:

  • Let 2017 be a year where you get yourself more and more OUT of debt. There is very little as draining as high-interest debt (or family debt) and to be free of it is indeed absolutely liberating. (Apart from home-bonds, my family is debt free).
  • Let 2017 be a year where you owe no apologies. You’ve said and you mean your regrets, you have asked for forgiveness where it’s possible, and you have done as much as you can to learn from your errors.
  • Let 2017 be a year where you evolve into the most generous person you know. As I have said many times this is not about financial wealth although it will involve substantial risk and courage and it will sometimes be about money.
  • Let 2017 be a year where you watch you own behavior more than focus on what others are doing or not doing.

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