Don’t miss your daily miracle…..

by Rod Smith

Attraction is only enduringly poss

Open your eyes to the miracles around you....

1. You woke up this morning.
2. You have the opportunity to love and to be generous to all whom you meet.
3. You have the ability to forgive those who have offended or hurt you.
4. You have the ability to spread goodwill and kindness through simple acts of friendliness.
5. You are uniquely gifted and talented and can end your day (or week, year, decade) having made your unique mark of blessing on the world.
6. You can plan for a spectacular future even if your past has been troublesome.
7. You can strategize and implement simple (or complex) acts of kindness towards those who least expect it from you – especially toward those with whom you have had conflict.
8. You can practice radical acts of hospitality by washing the feet of those who have rejected or despised you.
9. You can live without blaming anyone for anything and, in so doing, be a significant catalyst in your own unfolding freedom
10. You can show up, stand up, speak up, with grace and humility and, in so doing, become part of the solution to the problems in the world rather than remain a part of its many problems.

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