Denial zingers

by Rod Smith

Denial comes in many forms. Here are a few zingers I have heard or read in the past few weeks….

1. “If we get married she will feel more secure.”
2. “Children will hold us together.”
3. “Nothing like a new baby to help you fall in love with each other.”
4. “We are building a new house as a fresh start in our troubled marriage.”
5. “She wants me to have no contact with my family because she believes they won’t like her.”
6. “His drinking is stress related and once this is over I am sure he’ll stop.”
7. “He says is if I love him I won’t want to work outside the house.”
8. “She gets so jealous she can hardly see but it is a sign of her love.”
9. “Age is just a number. He’s half my age but twice as mature. We are a perfect match.”
10. “Her kids are no problem now, why should they be when we get married?”

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