I want to build something that is all mine……

by Rod Smith

“Do you think that I am negating my duties if, after 6 years of being at home bringing up a child, I have begun to establish a career? Is it wrong to want to build something that is all mine? My husband is jumpy at the idea. He is a very successful businessman. I need to have something for me.”

Attraction is only enduringly poss

Go for it.....

I’d suggest you go for it. Do not allow a “jumpy” husband stand in your way. Do what you can to placate his fears and gain his support, but do not allow his hesitancy to stifle your desire to create an endeavor that captures your imagination.

I believe the fine art of parenting is enhanced when both parents are high achievers. It is enhanced when both parents demonstrate that individual success is possible without the success compromising his or her time with a child.

Getting your hands into something exciting, trying, demanding, and therefore also rewarding, will boost your abilities as an all-round human and add vitality to you as a wife and a mother.

If you wish to see a fine example of empowered and successful women – contact http://www.momsmatter.co.za – and you will see something great and meaningful taking place – right on your doorstep.

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