Escapes into fantasy game worlds …… so I joined a band….

by Rod Smith

“My husband rarely gives me any affection. I can count the times that we have kissed in our marriage. I spend so many nights alone while he spends time on the computer or at work. It is unlikely that he is involved with anyone else but he has fallen out of love with me. I know we are very different in our personalities, but he has been escaping from financial stresses and delving into the fantasy game world for way too long. I have gone on with my life and have started to pursue with passion my love for music. I’ve joined a band and have accepted a challenging career. I have learned to cope with a man who is not affectionate and have examined myself to see what I have contributed in all of this. A wise friend of mine said, that God fixes the less obvious problems first in our life. While we’re so focused on the major problem such as our husband, God wants to work on us.”

Sounds like you have a plan and are implementing it. Your commitment to your future will empower you whether your marriage works out or not.

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