Why couldn’t they just stop drinking?

by Rod Smith

“As a child I used to think that if my parents loved me, they would give up drinking. It seemed logical. I remember being a part of an unsuccessful intervention at 7 or 8 that was initiated by an aunt. The interventionist coached me the day before, and, at the intervention, I was asked to read my letter. It mostly consisted of a lot of tears and, ‘I just don’t want you to drink anymore.’ I remember being so scared by this ‘adult’ problem that affected so many people in my life. I couldn’t grasp that they were willing to choose alcohol over their own lives. Now that I’m an adult with my own addictions, those memories are enough that I never want to have kids. I would never willingly put a child through that torture, and I don’t trust myself enough to think that I could avoid the same scenario.” (Minimal edits)

I recommend Alcoholics Anonymous hands down over “interventions.” People do what they want to do or feel compelled to do what they don’t want to do – and, until “rock bottom” is reached, not even a letter from a son or daughter is likely to help. A line in the film “Prince of Tides” that goes something like, “Our parents drink and we spend our whole lives with the hangover.”

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