South African winner of “Something Beautiful” competition….

by Rod Smith

It had been a sultry day in Durban and I had been rushing from meeting to meeting. En route to my final meeting I stopped off at a busy shopping centre to buy snacks for my book club. With ten minutes to get to my last meeting, I packed the shopping bags into the boot, closed it, and moved to the front door. A car guard was waiting politely to help me reverse from my parking spot. Car guards are plentiful in Durban. They can be “in your face” and generally not at all useful in assisting with either parking or exiting from a parking space. Many people (including me) consider them to be a nuisance.

As usual, I had no cash but I did find 50 cents in the car. I handed it to the car guard with an apology for the meager amount. I promised I’d him give more the next time. He looked at me, and, in perfect English and with an underlying French accent he said, “Madam, do not diminish your act of generosity by apologising for the amount given. It was given willingly, and with a smile. It is accepted with the same.”

Niki Armstrong

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