Dating single mothers….

by Rod Smith

Single mothers are highly problematic. I have dated two of them and the relationship typically suffers as a result of the mother-child relationship. When dating such a woman, one is jumping into the middle of the aftermath of a divorce, in some cases the ex-husband hanging around when the the ‘new’ boyfriend comes in. Then there’s the problem of the mother’s regimen of discipline toward the child, often non-existent. And, what can the ‘boyfriend’ really say or do about the child’s behavioral problems? Such ‘families’ have significantly and damaging bitter ends. While single mothers are attractive when I see one now I run the other way!”

I’d suggest you keep running – from all women. This will save at least a few women the tiresome bother of dating a man with controlling, narcissistic tendencies.

4 Comments to “Dating single mothers….”

  1. This is a declaration of freedom I see, yet what I think you might be wanting is either attention from those that you say you loathe or maybe a pat on the back for being right? Either way, outsiders cannot soothe your insecurities. To package all single mothers with children together as having the same tendencies is like a woman that’s dated a few single men that are irresponsible deciding to lump you into the “all” catagory as well. You wouldn’t be able to get through that wall she put up without a sledge hammar or a few sticks of dynamite.

    Maybe you should consider tearing down the wall you’ve established and approach relationships slowly and platonically, making more intimate decisions after you’ve learned whether or not you can establish a place in the family successfully. Your bitterness my subside and might find relationships can be fun even if they don’t last forever.

  2. My goodness, time to take a look at yourself rather than the women. My husband said the same thing 18 years ago until he met my son. My son won him over far before I did. Perhaps you should look beyond your own selfishness and look for how these single moms and their children could actually teach you a thing or two about relationships.

  3. Dating a single mom – best thing I ever did. Now 8 years later…we’re reaping the rewards. It’s ‘pure religion’ dude.

  4. Sorry that these single moms you dated didn’t give you their undivided attention but chose instead to give some of it to their offspring while the all try to deal with the aftermath of a divorce. You sound a little selfish. At least now that you know what you don’t want, you will save yourself – and many women – alot of grief.

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