Deciding to live fully or to fully live….

by Rod Smith

Take UP your life....

Deciding to fully live, even if having to decide anything seems overwhelming, must come if you want emotional and psychological wellness. This means, among other things, seizing opportunities. It means living with an attitude of forgiveness. It’s deciding that the worst that has ever occurred to us is only given greater or less power by the response we choose to have to whatever has been our awful fate. Living fully exorcises passivity. It gets you into the game of your own life. It’s deciding to decide how things will turn out for you rather than leaving matters to fate or to the whims of others.

I am constantly aware of the readers who are experts in the behavior of a controlling spouse – and yet, who have become so pre-occupied with the behaviour of the spouse that he or she fails to see how his or her own behavior (often passive behaviour) allows the pathological-other so much power, rendering the reader a victim, a victim who is apparently willing to yield his or her future to an incompetent other.

I say it is time to engage, it is time to call the shots in your own life, it is time to fully live, to be fully responsible for yourself rather than place your life into the hands of one who can barely care for him or herself, let alone also care for you.

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