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June 17, 2010

Adult son demands money

by Rod Smith

“My son (31) insists that his ‘terrible childhood’ has resulted in his many failures. His father and I have bailed him out several times with large amounts of money which he never talks of repaying, and, to cap it all, he says it is nothing compared to what we ‘owe’ him for the trauma of his early years. Granted, we were not perfect parents, but are we expected to put up with this?”

The child (currently residing in a man’s body) will never become a man while he blames others for his condition. While mommy and daddy are waiting in the wings to deliver him from all hardships, mommy and daddy are restricting his growth into a fulfilling adulthood.

I’d suggest you immediately sever all cash flow in your son’s direction no matter how urgent his need or how serious the consequences. I’d suggest you offer no more apologies or guilt money – and that you talk about what he owes you and about how be plans to pay his debts.