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June 21, 2010

Child-focused family….. are you living in one?

by Rod Smith

1. The needs, wants, whims of the children are routinely placed ahead of those of the adults.
2. Every adult conversation ultimately ends up being about the children and the conversations often become conflicted.
3. The whereabouts of the children determines what the adults may and may not talk about. Conversations content is monitored by what the children may or may not overhear.
4. The whereabouts of the children determines the activities of the adults – well-established adult plans be altered in a flash depending upon what does or does not occur with the children.
5. One parent feels as if the home, adult careers, adult choices of how to spend free time are choreographed around the expanding demands of self-obsessed or entitled children.
6. At least some close friends have become distant or have moved their friendship to the periphery of your life because you appeared to have become consumed by your children and the needs of your children.
7. You cannot remember very much about your life before you had children.