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June 6, 2010

He’s living with packed bags….

by Rod Smith

“Our two-year marriage has been rocky. Two weeks ago he left and said he didn’t know how he felt about me. I found out he has been talking to another female for about two months. I have left him alone to give him time to think but I’m ready to know where he is in this. Today I took the opportunity to ask about where his feelings are. He said he had not thought about it much. Talk about a dagger through my heart. He said he was going to start traveling with his job and would be out of town about 8 months out of the year and we ought to throw in the towel. I told him that was not what I wanted but I would respect his decision. I am devastated! I love him and don’t want a divorce. Do you think there is any help for my situation? What do I do next?” (Edited)

He’s living with packed bags. It’s time for you to love yourself enough to want something better. If “better” is to be with your husband it will not be because of anything you do or do not do. Don’t leave your future in the hands of someone who treats you in this manner. Take up your life!