He’s too interested in her…..

by Rod Smith

The past three weeks my wife has become overly friendly with a family down the street who have reached out to her. My wife is a woman who has to be busy helping others. Anyway, I am a little afraid of the way the man treats her. He seems very interested in her and she “shines” when he talks to her. Do you think I should put a stop to this?

It seems you are interested in playing a very heavy hand when greater investment and involvement from you would be more in order. Reaching out as neighbors, finding each other as helpers is not the issue (most places could do with more of this). Become part of the circle before you consider it with suspicion.

One Comment to “He’s too interested in her…..”

  1. go with your intuitive feelings. If she “shines” when she is with him, there is energy there that is concerning. I disagree with the comment above that you should reach out and become part of the circle. Sounds like you know your wife and you see behavior that is different for her and it got your antennae’s attention!! Pay attention to your heart, your feelings and what you sense… follow it and remain stable. Soon, you will want to discuss your feelings with your wife.

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