Heart attack anniversary is almost here…

by Rod Smith

Thirteen years, thanks be to God....

The decision to fully live can arise out of a serious illness, a dramatic event, a close encounter with ones mortality. While it was not readily observable to me then, it has become clear to me in retrospect. In 1997 (July 1st) I had a massive heart attack followed by stent surgery. I actually died briefly during the surgery and, after what I can only recall as time when I felt enveloped in love and warmth and beauty, I came round with the thumping of the surgeon on my chest and all the drama of revival.

Over the years, perhaps as a result of my strong opinions, many men and women have asked me how it is that I am apparently unfazed by the opinions of others. Well, at 55, having suffered one very dramatic and close call with death I can say this: I care a whole lot about what my family and my children think of me, but I do give very little care to what the world at large thinks. I decided a long time ago that that was really none of my business.

Of course I want to be liked, enjoyed, embraced, accepted, but I am unlikely to shift my thinking and my views based on the need or the desire to be popular. Being loved by my children is very important to me. Being embraced by friends and readers is a bonus, but changing who I am for the simple desire to be liked is indeed a wild goose chase.

2 Comments to “Heart attack anniversary is almost here…”

  1. To thine own self be true!

    Many congratulations on your anniversary–a very important one at that.

  2. To care of your self ,to love your self means that you love your children too.It’s not selfishness .Because if something bad is happened to your self ,your family ,especially your children might be hurt.What a privilege to see that your children are healthy and growing and full of life! even living in a ” poor “condition Children prefer to live with their parents who love them.Children never forget the ”beautiful ”moment where they play with their parents especially their Dad.Just Dad’s presence is worthy to kids.

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