Counter-intuitive nature of relationships…..

by Rod Smith

Authentic gains in health in one relationship will have spinoff benefits for your other relationships. Offering your partner greater definition and clarity, standing up to him or her with necessary firmness will offer a generic shift for all your relationships. Defining yourself to your partner will improve the quality of relationship you have with your children. It’s a welcome, often unexpected spinoff. It’s counter-intuitive.

Similarly, if you want your relationship with your boyfriend to improve, develop a deeper bond with your dad. If you are having difficultly with your daughter, look at your relationship with your own mother. You will probably find some clues about how the difficulties are developing.

Members of your Family of origin (you, your parents, siblings, and your children) are intricately connected and the quality of the connection will significantly impact everyone in our circle of influence whether we intend it to or not.

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