A challenge to young girls……

by Rod Smith

Begin now, today, to be the kind of woman you want to become in the future:

1. Stand up for yourself without pushing anyone else over. Speak your mind. Say what you want to say. See what you see. Say what you see you see.

2. Be your own “virus protection” program by keeping the “bad” out and let the good in. Bad: gossip, unfriendliness, rudeness, lies, unnecessarily excluding others. Good: standing up for what is right, good, and just, being “open” and not “closed” to others, being welcoming and friendly to more than just your closest friends.

3. Decide to be a kind and good person even when you see people being mean to others.

4. Choose to be an agent of healing when others are hurt.

5. Don’t surrender your power to anyone – it is always yours to foster, protect, and use, first for your own good, then for the good of others.

2 Comments to “A challenge to young girls……”

  1. Why is this only to girls? This can apply to males as well.

  2. Of course, Chattymute, it applies to males too, and I hope for all boys to embody such awareness.

    I have addressed this column to girls because I see many young girls giving up their voices and their power as if to do so is an act of love. It is, of course, not.

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